Royal Australian Corps of Signals

Dedication Signals Vietnam Plaque
Australian War Memorial

10am, Tuesday, 19th August 2008

In 2000 the Director of the Australian War Memorial (AWM), Major General Steve Gower AO, introduced a scheme whereby units, squadrons and ships which had seen active service could dedicate a plaque to be placed in the AWM's Western Courtyard to recognise the sacrifice and service of their members. So far nearly 100 plaques have been dedicated and there are about thirty on the waiting list. Eventually the entire Western Courtyard will be surrounded by these plaques and they are already attracting visits from thousands of pilgrims and visitors. The RA Sigs Association (ACT Branch), on behalf of all who served in Signals units in the Vietnam War, undertook to join this National scheme and arrange for an appropriate plaque. The design and manufacture of the plaque have been completed and now we invite all RA Sigs members and ex-members, especially Vietnam veterans,  and their guests to the Dedication Ceremony to be held on the 19th August 2008 at 10am, in the Western Courtyard, AWM. 

Royal Australian Corps of Signals Plaque Dedication Programme (PDF)

Updated May 2010

I sincerely thank those who gave their support, assistance and/or encouragement to this long project of getting our plaque approved, designed, manufactured, dedicated and, at last, permanently positioned. I refrain from naming names for fear of unintentionally omitting someone very deserving.    

Again I urge you all to kneel and touch our plaque when you visit so that future generations of your grandchildren and friends of your family can in turn kneel and touch you in body and spirit on this holy ground, remembering the service you gave your country. I also ask that when you visit, please remember the men of our Corps who died in Vietnam or as a result of their service there - Dennis Abraham, Denis Donnelly, Michael Gill, Barry Logan, Sydney Moore, David Wallis and Alex Young. Lest We Forget.

 Best wishes, thanks and congratulations to you all.


Peter Murray

The Plaque is located in position number 157 on the southern side of the pathway linking the main car park to the Western Courtyard.

Directions from Western Side of AWM        Directions from Car Park, AWM
Directions from Western Side            Directions from Main Car Park
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